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Forever Garlic-Thyme® 百里香蒜片

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❤️ 保护细胞免受自由基的伤害
❤️ 维持健康的免疫系统
❤️ 维持健康的胆固醇水平
❤️ 维持健康的血压
❤️ 添加了卵磷脂有助于乳化脂肪
❤️ 无臭,软胶囊
❤️ 一颗Forever大蒜胶囊相等于1000毫克新鲜大蒜

  • 強力抗氧化物。
  • 保護身體免受自由基侵襲。
  • 促進脂肪演化為能量。



Fight against oxidative stress with a one-two punch of garlic and thyme. Forever Garlic-Thyme® is an odorless, easy-to-take softgel that promotes cardiovascular health and enhances immunity.  

Nature’s superfood duo in a convenient softgel

• Helps promote cardiovascular function
• Helps provide immune support
• Odorless softgel
• Gluten free

Both garlic and thyme have long histories of use for health purposes. Ancient civilizations believed garlic would keep them healthy and strong. Ancient Greeks added thyme to their bathwater and burned it as incense, believing it had properties that granted courage. Romans would eat thyme regularly, convinced that the herb's healthful properties would protect them if they were poisoned by an enemy.

Forever Garlic-Thyme® showcases nature’s super duo of nutrition. Garlic supports cardiovascular health because it contains beneficial compounds that promote healthy circulation. When garlic is cut or crushed the enzymes react to produce a powerful immune enhancing agent. With Forever Garlic-Thyme® you’ll get all the benefits of a 1,000mg of garlic!

Thyme contains antioxidant compounds to fight oxidative stress and free radical damage along with saponins, which promote healthy immune function. Together, these ingredients provide a potent fuel to support your body’s defenses.

The nutrition of garlic and thyme are packed into this easy to take softgel. Reach for Forever Garlic-Thyme® for an easy and convenient way take advantage of nature’s immune supporting superfoods.

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