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Forever Fields Of Greens® 青草源

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提供日常饮食中欠缺的维他命、矿物质、抗氧化物和叶绿素。本产品结合大麦青苗(含有钾、钙、镁、铁、钠、铜、磷、锌和锰)、小麦草(含有维他命、矿物质和微量元素)和紫花苜蓿(含有丰富的矿物质、维他命A、B6、E 和K),并添加辣椒(有助维持循环和消化系统的健康)。






Pack in the nutrition of barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa and other important greens with Forever Fields of Greens®! Not only is this supplement an easy source of green nutrition, it also contains beneficial phytonutrients and antioxidants.  

Detoxify with the natural power of greens

• Cleanses and detoxifies
• Helps alkalize the body
• Contains beneficial phytonutrients
• Excellent green superfood
• Gluten free

Convenience eating can’t always be avoided. Our fast-paced lifestyles often have us reaching for food on the go, making it hard to eat the recommended amount of vitamins and nutrients. Forever Fields of Greens® is a fast and easy way to cleanse and detoxify while providing the nutrients your body needs each day.

Why are greens so important? Certain good foods are more than just an essential component of any diet. They contain important phytonutrients, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins.

Wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa are three ingredients that have been shown to help cleanse and detoxify the body. Wheatgrass contains alkaline properties that help support a healthy lifestyle. Cayenne pepper helps your body maintain healthy digestion and circulation.

When you don’t have time to eat a balanced diet, make sure Forever Fields of Greens® is around. Forever Fields of Greens® is the ultimate supplement to complement an active and busy lifestyle.

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