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Puku Training Cup Spout (Red)

RM 28.50

Product description:

Suitable for five months or so since the baby to suck as learning training use. In order to smooth your baby pacifier Training Cup converts duckbill Training Cup

Drink water port using silicone flat mouth soft material, can automatically control the flow, baby learning different from the pacifier sucking.

Exercises Cup bottle design lightweight and good grip, Mommy carry a more convenient location.

The switch in the end Jieyou the CLICK! Titicaca sound each use indeed switch to issue CLICK! Rattle, lids not shaking more peace of mind to carry out.



Cap / cup body Body above . Duckbill Spout / silicone ring Silicone Washer Material: Silicone (Silicone), heat-resistant to 150 degrees C


1. Do not place near the source of fire, and avoid plunging to the ground tossing.

2. Do not use the microwave disinfection, easily lead to plastic deformation.

3. In a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

4. Duckbill in use, scratches dirt Please note updated.

5. Sure to wash before use. And neutral detergent with a soft sponge and food grade.

6. Do not brown brush, scrub milling and other hard objects, easy to breed bacteria scratch voids.

7. Except silicone duckbill, other parts do not use the sterilizer retort sterilization

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