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MAM Baby Cooler Teether

RM 27.96

Product Description

  • Water-filled cooling element calms and relaxes baby
  • Innovative shape reaches to baby’s back teeth perfectly
  • Different structures of the teether massage sensitive gums and offer a variety of biting pleasure
  • Unique curved shape makes teether easy to grab and hold

Product details

Teething is a milestone in baby's life. Since the feeling can be uncomfortable, we developed the MAM Cooler - a teether that cools and looks cool too. It’s fun to use and by chewing, cooling and relaxing, it helps babies forget all their teething troubles.

The MAM Cooler has a water-filled cooling part that's uniquely shaped to reach baby’s back teeth perfectly. It helps them stay calm and relaxed as they bite on it.

This MAM teether has five defined structures that massage sensitive gums and offer a variety of biting pleasure. It comes in an innovative curved shape too so it’s easy for babies to grab and hold.

Together with other MAM products, the MAM Cooler is scientifically-proven and developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society (ICMRS), pediatricians, developmental pedagogues and midwives. Only after the approval of our experts is a MAM innovation truly ready for baby life.

Additional information

How to Use
Use the MAM Cooler to reach baby’s back teeth and to cool and soothe them as they are teething.

Best Used With
As baby's needs change, use the MAM Bite & Play (6+ months).

What's Included
1 x MAM Cooler

Technical Information
Product Dimensions: 17.78 x 12.19 x 2.54 cm
Item Weight: 59.53 grams
Shipping Weight: 68.04 grams


How old should my baby be to use this product?
This MAM teether is for babies 4+ months. While age can be a good indicator, keep track of your baby's development so you can match it with the product that answers their needs best. If your baby is growing their front teeth, let your baby use the MAM Mini Cooler or the MAM Bite & Relax Phase 1. If they are starting to grow their back teeth, let them use the MAM Cooler or the MAM Bite & Relax Phase 2.

Are there any instructions I should do before letting my baby use this product?
Wash the teether before first use and at regular intervals after that with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not boil, steam or microwave sterilise. Product is also dishwasher-safe.

What is the proper way to cool this teether?
Place the teether inside the refrigerator for an hour. Cool only inside a refrigerator. Do not place inside the freezer compartment.

Is the liquid in the teether safe?
Yes. The waterfilling is harmless and controlled regularly.

Overall, is this product safe for my baby?
Is this product safe for my baby? Yes. The MAM teether meets the requirements of EN71. EN71 is a European safety standard on toys. This product is also free of BPA and BPS materials. MAM only uses materials that meet the highest requirements and safety standards.

What is BPA?
BPA or Bisphenol A is a requirement in producing plastic polycarbonate, which is used to make things like food packaging, plastic tableware, baby bottles and baby cups.

What is BPS?
BPS or Bisphenol S is a compound of BPA.

Why should I be cautious of BPA and BPS in the products I use for my baby?
Studies may not yet be complete, but researchers believe that BPA gradually breaks away from the plastic and gets into the body, resulting in health damage. As BPA in baby products are banned in Europe, all MAM products are made of BPA-free materials in accordance to Regulation (EU) No. 321/2011.

4+ months

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